Who Dat

About me- My name is Anat and I’ve been in more than 25 countries.To hell with you if it doesn’t sound too impressive! not that I’m trying to make excuses or anything like that- but I was in India for 8 months and it’s a freaking big country! so I’m counting at least 5 more countries in my alternative list. And don’t get me started about my connection flights in different parts of the world. If I ever make a Traveling Journal for my beloved backpack I will count all these countries too. why? dunno, kind of a traveler’s way….

I’m addicted to Hitchhiking. Addicted to tents. And addicted to silliness.  I’m probably a bit more extreme than the average backpacker.

So call me a hippie, call me a Rainbow, call me silly, call me Al or call me one lucky bastard. It’s all true- so Just call me!! no, really- If you call me and add a plane ticket for the closest Airport to your home address- I might just show up….

Remember- Don’t take life too seriously ’cause life doesn’t take you seriously. Trust me- life called and said you’re bumming them out….

Love, Peace, Harmony and a Smile!


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