Bienvenido a México! The Latin adventure begins…

Hola amigos! I know, it’s been a while since I posted something here. I do apologize. But I came home for a visit (yes, it’s hot, it’s humid but the food is great) so I have more time now to write a few more posts. As long as I don’t get too lazy…

So in this post I would love to take you to a very cool country- Mexico! Yes, it is the first American post in this blog, and since I traveled quite a lot in north, central and south America- it won’t be the last. I would like to apologize again but unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of photos in Mexico (huge mistake) so I don’t have a lot of cool photos to go along with the cool memories I have from there. I would like to apologize for the third time for all those apologizes- but I’ve been working again in England this summer (if you remember from my previous post) so I guess I still have this habit of apologizing… sorry…

Sooo Mexico! this was the first time in my life I arrived to a Latin country, not knowing a single word in Spanish besides Gracias (yep- that’s an easy one) and Baños (bathroom. Which by the way- took me forever to remember) I’ve been told a good place to start would be the area of Cancun. not Cancun itself, naturally. I’m not into fancy hotels… So I took a flight from California. It was November (so it was already pretty cold there) and I arrived to the Caribbean part of Mexico. Talking about climate changes… by the way- I am a strong believer that when you change places that have very different weather (like with a flight) your feet suffer the most… I’m not even talking about how embarrassing it is to walk the streets of Isla Mujeres after arriving on a ferry with Australian boots when it’s 30 degrees Celsius outside…

Isla Mujeres. I want to think that whoever reads my blog is intelligent enough to understand (even if you don’t speak Spanish) that isla means island…. nah just kidding, you can be as stupid as you want- I don’t care! Let’s divide the things that Isla Mujeres have to offer to pros and cons. You sometimes do that when you travel. It makes you understand and appreciate the place you visit. Plus, you can always mess with people’s heads so they won’t understand- “wait, so is it a good place or bad place??”. The answer is, by the way: There is no such thing!!

Cons: It’s a very, very, ho so very touristic place. Small island full of “normal” tourists who like to rent golf carts to explore it. So, because of all this “Normal-ism”- it’s expensive there comparing to other places in Mexico. And all those “souvenir shops” that I don’t understand how people still think it’s made anywhere else but China.


Need I add more? it looks like a postcard (but it’s not- I took those photos with my shitty camera) and it’s more beautiful in real life! I honestly couldn’t leave that place. You just go to the beach and ignore all the people on the way. That’s a really good tip for life too by the way…

After Isla Mujeres I continued to Tulum- Also on the beach. When I was there- there was a tropical storm, or as I like to call it- a Latin monsoon. As you can see from the clouds and the fact that it’s still is very warm.


I don’t think it’s new to anyone- even if you never really traveled, but take something warm to wear for a bus ride that’s more than 2 hours. Even if it’s hot outside. I do it all the time (heads up: a silly story is coming up!). Except for that one time (Do tell…). We came from the jungle (though the destination was a town in the mountains…). It was a day bus (it was more than 6 hours! it will arrive in the night anyway). I had something long (a very thin, long sleeve shirt and a shawl does not count). ok ok!-I was stupid (we know- we got that part…). Oh yea- and the driver (an ironic amigo for sure) played the movie “Frozen” with a very loud Spanish dub (I guess I just had to Let it go….). I got sick when I arrived for a few good days (Don’t try this at home kids).

I think I wrote it already in previous posts that I try to avoid meat. It is very hard to do it in Latin America. The first words in Spanish I learned were surprisingly all types of meat. You can’t just say “Do you have something without meat?”, it has to be “something without beef, ham, chicken or fish?”. If not- you’ll get one of those. When I was in India I made my peace with cilantro and now I love it. When I was in Mexico I made my peace with Avocados. You have to. A dish with no meat and no Avocados is basically tortilla with 2 slices of tomato inside. I did start to absolutely love avocados in Colombia really. But that’s for a different post…

And to my opinion- Mexican food is the best Latin food by far…from Central to south America!

I try to avoid really touristic places in nature. I think those places could be magical but you can’t feel the magic if there are so many people there. Take Chichen Itza for Example. Very famous place. Very holy and energetic place if you ask me. And yes, it’s a very beautiful place too. But so many tourists! How can you feel the energy of the pyramids if all you hear are the loud whistles that come from traders who sell “Jaguar whistles” to tourists. I don’t know if a Jaguar actually sounds like that (probably not) but I wouldn’t mind if an actual Jaguar will come from the forest one day and will try to join the trader’s conversation. In my mind, the Jaguar will say something like that:  “Dudes!! I just heard you were talking about classic rock- I have so much to say about The early albums of Guns ‘n Roses too!”


And then I went to Palenque. Also Mayan Pyramids. But in the Jungle. Less tourists. And you could climb the Pyramids and see the most beautiful view ever: The wild and crazy jungle. I would highly recommend to go to Palenque and spend at least a week in the jungle. After a few days you sweat all the city out of you and just start to sweat nature. I defiantly had life changing experiences there. oh yea- and no Jaguar whistles…


🙂 I was in Mexico for about a month and a half. From the Caribbean sea to the jungle, to the mountains, to the Pacific ocean and then my friend and I decided the next destination is a magical lake. In Guatemala. So we decided to Hitchhike from Zipolite (a pacific beach) to Lago Atitlan, Guatemala. There are quite a few weird/silly stories from there, and I was thinking about doing a whole post just on this, but I decided to just share one crazy story from that adventure.  We were hitchhiking in a crossroad to nowhere (it always starts like that) and after a few hours someone finally stopped. A massive truck. The driver, Alejandro, said he is heading east to Cancun and will arrive to the town that borders Guatemala in the early evening. Perfect. Well, first of all Alejandro was a generous host and immediately offered us speed pills. we politely said no. I sat in the back and my friend in the chair next to driver. I really wish I had a photo from there because I felt like I am inside a coffin with a swag and listening to strong Mexican music from the radio. But it was funny. And then it happened. It was about 15:00. we arrived to a traffic Jam… and it wasn’t a little traffic jam that you pass it after 30 minutes, no. It was a traffic jam that Alejandro is turning the engine off and going to sleep in his swagi coffin (and he just took those speed pills- poor dude) and we are walking next to the trucks/cars trying to find something to do… It was very hot, no shade, not a lot of water or food and no way out. I kinda lost it after 2 hours and with mad eyes started convincing my friend that we should take our bags and try to hitchhike the other way. “Anat it doesn’t make any sense! there is only one road to Guatemala- we have to go through here anyway!”.  At one point we were just sitting in the front playing the most depressing and boring card game ever (“I win…you win…”) while Alejandro is sleeping in the back and talking in his sleep. But then we heard noises. cars starting to move. The traffic jam is over- After 6 freaking hours!!!! So we arrived to this little town at 1am and Alejandro went to the truck parking lot at the edge of the town. We asked him if we could please sleep in the back of the truck with the cargo.  “No problem! just don’t smoke there because I carry dangerous liquids” Perfect…

I will say we had a good night sleep- it was finally cool and chill.

I know it’s not the best photo. But when I look at it I remember my depression of sitting on the road and doing nothing besides sweating…

I’ll finish with a nicer photo from the hitchhiking ’cause we did have crazy and good adventures there. And there’s nothing like hitchhiking on the back of a pickup truck…


So remember- Don’t take life too seriously ’cause life doesn’t take you seriously. Trust me- life called and said you’re bumming them out…. Love, Peace, Harmony and a Smile!


P.s- After traveling for 8 months in total in Latin America I can now safely say my Spanish has improved to a level of “shitty Spanish”. not too shabby ha! jajaja


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