The hills are alive with the sound of the Autobahn

This shall be the last post before I pack my bag again (Pause for dramatic effect) Yes! The journey continues! so the next posts might take a while. please literally hold your breath ’till then- it will mean a lot to me.

So I was thinking what to write about in this post. And then I had a chain of thoughts: “I’m hungry”…. well that’s it really…. actually I was looking at my photos for inspiration and then the chain of thoughts led me to think about something while I was eating an apricot (and a damn good one!): How long I need to be in a country or just a place in general in order for me to say “I’ve been there”. Is it according to how different the place is comparing to where I came from? I’ve only been in the airport in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for a few hours (connection flight to India). Never left the airport but that was so hilariously bizarre… for me it was a few funny and interesting hours! yea I know…. I won’t count that….

BUT! I was 2 days in Austria and I felt like I had quite the dense “Austrian experience” without Vienna or Salzburg in my route. So I totally count that…

So how do I count 2 hours in Belgrade and like 4 in Zagreb? and I left the train station and everything! I think a future post will be about all the places I was in but not really. Like I’ve been in Germany 3 times in my life- but I’ve actually never been in Germany (intrigued?? well you freakin’ should! to be continued in next posts…)

I think today I will focus on Austria. Just to see if I can actually make a post from a 2 day trip. And if it’s boring- I’ll put more photos.

☻ A bit of a background: As part of my epic (yes yes like some of my other journeys you might have noticed already- this was epic too…. it was quite a saga also if you don’t mind!) trip from Sophia, Bulgaria to Basel Switzerland I had to take some trains. Met a few cool guys on the train. The train had a 15 min brake in Zagreb. I got out of the train in Zagreb. The train left without me and one of the guys (not our fault I want to emphasis that!). I was angry! oh who am I kidding- I was really angry!!  The guy- David, was from Austria. He needed to go back home to Graz and I needed to go to Switzerland. He suggested we will go to Ljubljana, Slovenia. Then take a train to Austria and start hitchhike from there west. In the swis border I will continue and he will go far east to Graz. ’cause Graz was really on the other side of the map. I think he wanted to help me because I was really mad and a bit desperate at that point. Thank god he did.

☻ So Austria is a hard place to hitchhike. Not an easy life on the Autobahn  I’ll tell ya that! But hey- the Tyrol valley is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen!

4 Austria (15)

4 Austria (39)

4 Austria (12)

4 Austria (40)

4 Austria (41)

☻Also hard (at least from my experience) is to hitchhike in gas stations. We tried and after 15 min the owner came and kicked us out, But dear friends- Always look at the bright side of life- we moved 20 meters from the station and eventually got picked up for more than 30 min drive on the Autobahn (that’s a lot!)

☻Although Graz is the second biggest city in Austria- it’s really not that famous worldwide. David was complaining that the only thing people outside of Austria know about his hometown is that Arnold Schwarzenegger came from there. He sent me after some amazing photos of Graz and it sure looks like a good place to visit. AND now you know where Arnold Schwarzenegger is from, so in your face Wikipedia!

☻ We arrived to this town that looked like a postcard. We were hungry and I said if I’m already in Austria I want to try an Austrian dish. When we arrived at the square we saw a small stage. we asked the people if there’s going to be a show or something and they said yes. Today is the last day of the summer festival! So how lucky we really are? it’s a rhetorical question- obviously we are lucky bastards. And then! I hear music (again pause for dramatic effect): Marching music coming from behind me. I turn around and I see a big marching band coming to the square. All dressed in their local costumes. It was a highlight in the saga which is “Part 1- Austria” (definitely stick around for “part 2- Switzerland”). It was so incredibly unexpected and cool! you can’t plan this stuff I’m telling you…

4 Austria (21)

4 Austria (25)

4 Austria (30)

4 Austria (33)

☻Yes. I ate a Schnitzel. It was nice. I don’t usually eat meat but I made an exception… I mean I am in Austria- I gotta try a Schnitzel. And no. I don’t have a photo of that Schnitzel.

Hey cool- so I did manage to write a post about 2 days traveling! But I did do a lot in those 2 days. I also slept under a tree. Got into a train for free- and it was cool ’cause we actually asked permission from the conductor to go on without paying. Got some kickass weather! have you noticed how all the photos are sunny? and it was the end of September already. Ate some good Austrian bread and cheese and more!

I leave you with this Selfie. It was on the train I took to cross the border to Switzerland. I’m pretty sure I crossed Liechtenstein on the way. So let’s say that’s a photo from there. Just imagine the adventures I had in Liechtenstein- I was there for at least 5 min……

5 Lichtenstein (1)
Gorgeous right?

So remember- Don’t take life too seriously ’cause life doesn’t take you seriously. Trust me- life called and said you’re bumming them out…. Love, Peace, Harmony and a Smile!


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