Bruce and Sheila on the Road- IRELAND!

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I always wanted to go to Ireland, why? dunno. I guess I heard the people are friendly (true) and it’s like “the edge” (U2 reference) of the old world. it’s quite interesting no? I mean it’s Europe, but it’s further away from the Europe I know.

I was there for about 3 weeks. I was traveling with an Aussie friend and therefor we changed our names to Bruce and Sheila (I’m Sheila if you were wondering). We decided we would CouchSurf and Hitchhike the Entire way. and so we did. This is the story of Bruce and Sheila

Connemara (13)
Bruce and Sheila in Connemara on a sunny day! Beautiful!
Things I learned in Ireland:

☻ Ireland is the Best place to Hitchhike. Look for people called Brian. They are the Best.

Cork (29)

☻ The west coast of Ireland has one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen. Very wild and rough.

Mizen Head (33)
Mizen Head. Amazing and windy!
Mizen Head (37)
Very windy!


Black head (8)
Crazy sea of stones
Cliffs of Mohar (12)
The Cliffs of Mohar
Cliffs of Mohar (23)
The cliffs of Mohahahahar!!!!

☻ Weather Part 1– I know it’s a given, but do get an umbrella or a raincoat or a windproof jacket. Because plastic bags look ridiculous… They do! It’s true you’re not walking on the catwalk when you’re hitchhiking, but if you feel you look like an idiot wearing something that looks like a trash bag- most chances are you look like an idiot… wearing something that looks like a trash bag….

image (7) - עותק
Told you…..

☻ Weather part 2 It’s true, the skies are grey a lot in Ireland. But for some reason it just makes the Irish people even more nice and friendly. It doesn’t happen with all the grey sky nationalities in the world I’ll tell you that…. and the grey fits the view anyway. “Grey and Misty Cliffs” sounds much more interesting than “Turquoise clear skies Cliffs” less mystical… AND- it’s a known fact that grey background makes the ginger hair pops out more.

HH- Ennis (38)

Achill Island (8)
It’s not grey all the time! Achill Island

☻They don’t use postcode numbers in Ireland. It’s not really a helpful traveling tip I know… but hey- Here’s an anecdote to use at your next house party if you want to impress someone with your fine knowledge. Although there might be an awkward silence after. On the other hand- maybe just silence (fingers crossed!)

☻ You know these douchey people who say “You haven’t had good chocolate unless you were in Switzerland- trust me, I know!”. Or wine in France or Hákarl in Iceland (Google it- it sounds Yummy!). And they know ’cause of course they’ve been there and tasted it.

After saying that, I have a little story to tell. I never liked Guinness. In fact I hated it! But our CouchSurfing host asked us if we want to go to a local, 300 hundred years old, in the crossroad to nowhere hunted pub. We said “Heck yea!”. It was a charming little place full of… well… stuff!. It looked a bit like thrift shop with booze. “Do you want Guinness”? he asked us. Do I? I hate Guinness but I’m in Ireland…. yes no yes no…. fine I’ll take one. And what do you think happened? You’re right- it was delicious and it tasted nothing like the Guinness I’ve tasted back home! Our host said that there are like 3 Guinness factories worldwide. In Dublin, London and somewhere in Africa (if you want more details just Wikipedia it bitches!). The Guinness from the Dublin brewery is the best. Different in soil, water and million of other stuff probably.

Why am I telling you this? so you won’t think I’m too douchey when I say- ” You haven’t had a Guinness ’til you drank the one in Ireland! Trust me, I know….”

☻ Hitchhiking part 2- In fact it’s sometimes so easy to hitchhike there- one time when we were hungry we actually had to stop stick out our thumb ’cause we needed 15 min to sit down next to the road and eat our food. Fellow hitchhikers will know that’s just madness!

☻After saying all these nice things about hitchhiking in Ireland- do not try to hitchhike around the Ring of Kerry. Just don’t!

☻Not just nature! you can find some lovely towns there. and Galway. Love Galway!

The cool city of Galway
Kenmare (34)
Kenmare- a very lovely town!
Ennis (4)
One of the houses we couch Surfed in. Awesome I know!

☻ Helpful slang- “Beans” means money. Example: “The sandwich only cost me 4 beans- it’s grand!”

 -“What’s the story?” Basically it means- “Hi, how are you?” or “Yo, what’s up?”. It took me a while to understand that… for the first couple of times I wanted to say- “Well, my name is Anat. I’m a Sagittarius. I travel now in Ireland. interested in music…”

-Not a helpful yet a cool thing to know in Irish- Go raibh maith agat.                                  Which is without a doubt a long ass way to say- Thank you!

That’s all for now. Thanks a million for reading this! Hopefully it will help you in your upcoming adventure in Ireland. And if you don’t have any upcoming adventures in Ireland- make some! you would love it!


And remember- Don’t take life too seriously ’cause life doesn’t take you seriously. Trust me- life called and said you’re bumming them out…. Love, Peace, Harmony and a Smile!


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