Why Travel? (such a serious question I know…) and Chapter 1- Namaste Gi!



OK, so, why Indeed travel?

Why buy a Newspaper? Why ask what Joe is studying? What exactly is a black hole? or how do you stop a Bus/streetcar in the states? (A hint- there is no stop BUTTON..).

well my answer is- Curiosity.Here, let’s make it more magical– ~~~CuRioSitY~~~ We are curios! and we want to know how do get off the bus….

The next question is- why writing about it? make other people jealous? a bit I guess… I always say I’m jealous of myself for all the stories I have. It’s good ’cause it makes you appreciate the things you are doing. Or you just want to talk and talk and dig people’s brain out (a little lovely slang from my country). Now, that’s also good but don’t be surprised if your friends’ eyes gradually go up up and away. They’re staring through you and not at you. And nod their heads in the wrong moments. what? so I talk to much about the English Fish & Chips? Noted…..

And now we come to talk about Women who travel alone. I read an article about female backpackers who travel alone. I didn’t like that article. I didn’t feel that they portray me at all. So I decided I’ll try and write some thoughts here. It will definitely NOT be a travel journal. way too lazy for that….. or technical details about that country. common guys you have freaking Wikipedia for that…. Just a few thoughts about the country  I was in.  I don’t want to write long stories…. I want to write anecdotes …. Helpful tips…. things  I realized on my traveling… maybe some phrases (not necessarily wise ones…)

About me- My name is Anat and I’ve been in 20 countries.To hell with you if it doesn’t sound too impressive! not that I’m trying to give excuses or defend my ego or anything like that- but I was in India for 8 months and it’s a freaking big country!  so I’m counting at least 5 more countries in my alternative list. And don’t get me started about my connection flights in different parts of the world. If I ever make a Traveling Journal for my beloved backpack I will count all these countries too. why? dunno, kind of a traveler’s way….

I haven’t paid rent 2 years now. I’m addicted to Hitchhiking. Addicted to tents. And addicted to silliness.  I’m probably a bit more extreme than the average backpacker.

So call me a hippie, call me a Rainbow, call me silly, call me Al or call me one lucky bastard. It’s all true- so Just call me!! no, really- If you call me and add a plane ticket for the closest Airport to your home address- I might just show up….

And I just want to add one last thing. I actually never want to travel alone. I’m quite a social person me. I want to travel with people. A crazy bus driver is much funnier with someone. But again- I’m curios. So the fact that I’m traveling alone doesn’t prevent me from not traveling at all…. Oh and another thing- common guys I’m not really traveling “alone”! It’s not “Into the wild” here! heavy snow and being secluded is not my cup of tea thank you very much…. you almost always find people.

OK I see your eyes starting to go up up and away so I decided to start with one of my favorite countries in the world- India!!!!

Like I wrote in earlier- I was there for 8 months. From April until January (with 2 months in Nepal for the quick thinkers). Mostly in the north.

Things that you find out in India:

☻ There are a lot of Blackouts in India. Do NOT buy any clothes when there is a blackout- candles are just not enough…. And then you are stuck with a woolen hat that might have saved your life a few times but is sooooo ugly…. And then you try to convince yourself- It’s Maroon and Mustard Yellow. It’s like the Buddhist monks. You are in the north of India. so it has a meaning…. no it doesn’t!! It’s just UGLY!! get a grip woman!

☻Bargaining in India is common and recommended! (I am from the Middle East after all…). Bargaining with a Riksha driver for those 10 Rupees is even a holy request from God. How can I say it in a nice way? I think some of the Riksha drivers are a bit…. spawn of Satan…. just a bit…. no offence…. When you go on a Riksha you have to show the driver who is the boss, or he’ll take to a night on the town. Except you don’t really want that. “I show you only one shop my friend yes?” well, no…. Hell no!! sometimes we really had to argue with them. And ask for more than one Riksha driver for the price, so you’ll know the general rate- and then start to bargain and lower it for at least half. Good Luck 🙂

Main Bazaar- New Delhi
My friend riding the riksha

☻ Crossing a mighty ass river in a what appears to be a supermarket basket is loads of fun! walking (more like climbing) next to the river on a dangerous sandy slop with a chance of falling 15 meters into the river is less fun…. much less fun….  look for a safer way than this……

chitcul_ 002
A River. A basket. And I.
Big Ass River

☻ A good reason to travel in a group is riding with the local Buses. Half the group put all the bags up on the roof and the other half gets seats for everyone. you might say- “duh- it’s obvious!”  but this is actually a very important advice. You can be sure that your bag won’t fall off during the ride. And getting a free seat is also very nice ’cause it can get really crowded there! India style crowded…. AND a 10 hour drive becomes nicer when you have someone to talk to and a shoulder to drool on when you’re tired!


Having fun on the bus
Local bus with a local view

# The view in India is breathtaking, Really!

Beautiful Spitty Valley
A Buddhist Monastery
A bunch of Yaks…..
dankar_ 032
Spitty Valley

I’ll finish with 5 things for now ’cause 5 in a good number. I hope you enjoyed and learned and became wiser.

And remember- Don’t take life too seriously ’cause life doesn’t take you seriously. Trust me- life called and said you’re bumming them out…. 

Love, Peace, Harmony and a Smile!


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